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Have you heard me lately?
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I want to create an emotional world that does the heavy lifting effortlessly, enhancing all the other elements in the work.

Not that I don't like words (and respect them), but music not only can amplify words, but can communicate without them. 

There are stories to tell that can only be told through vibrations that reach deep within us.

I remember music as far back as I can remember anything. There was always music in the house.


My sister informed me that my first instrument was a kitchen percussion set- beating on pots and pans. But soon after I climbed up on the piano bench and started in earnest the journey into music.

My music is a form of outsider art (that can be used indoors). I like to make it accessible and create a direct link to the listener. I know there are jangly and unusual elements at times. I like a pinch of that.

Ultimately, and most important, I believe in my music and think that it’s fundamentally well suited to a marriage with images. I hope that after listening to the music that you agree.


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